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  • GPS wishlists and New Years predictions

    I don't see myself buying anything "Garmin" in the future either. Their track record of removing useful features that I'm used and adding junk (at least to me) features has really gotten to me. I'm still using my 3490/3790 and cannot see any reason to "upgrade" to anything that's current/recent. I used to really look forward to seeing what the new product lines offered but I no longer really even care. And even if something does in fact look interesting to me, it's always in the back of my mind..."what the heck did they remove THIS time?" Any tips that I provide here are now limited to the older units that I own...anything newer than that and I can't comment with any degree of certainty.
  • Garmin introduces…. a smart scale?

    But mainly…. It will complete your circle of wellness. ^:)^
    Well in my case, It'll take another 359 degrees to complete my circle of wellness! ;)
  • 10 Years...

    Happy Anniversary to GPS Review! Thanks to Tim especially for his down-to-Earth presence and to all the great people I've met here...& have met up with here as well.
  • What awesome places has your GPS taken you?

    I'm a sucker for historical maps.
    Sam here. :D

    And for those interested,
  • Making Customized Dashboards

    I have the newer 3597, and while I'm loving it as an upgrade to my old 750, I'd like to see how I can customize it like you are doing with your model. Would these themes let me do that?
    Map themes are supported on the 3597, however dashboards are NOT.

    Dashboards modify what info is displayed on the map screen such as speed, elevation, etc and how the info is displayed (circular speedometers & dashboard-type elements, etc) and where it's displayed on the screen.

    Map Themes affect how the map itself is displayed (roadway colors, on-ramp/off-ramp colors, land colors, water colors, etc). I have a few map theme comparison screen shots (nuvi 3490) here:

    They both involve direct editing of the map theme (in xml) or dashboard files. I'm familiar with the map theme file structure and have modified quite a few map themes making them much clearer with more contrast which of course make things much more visible.

    Dashboards OTOH are (from what I've heard) trickier to modify.

    From what I know, there are no easy "editors" for either map themes nor dashboard files.