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  • Which GPS will allow tracks to be loaded to it.

    Yeah, automotive Garmin's just aren't designed for off-road navigation.
  • looking for GPS solution for trip to Eastern Europe

    Any of the newer nuvi or Drive models that have lifetime CN EU map updates should work OK. If you find some available models you are interested in, post here and the members can comment on those models.

    If you use something like eBay, you might have to look at some European sellers to find one with CN EU lifetime maps. Here is one I saw on ebay from a seller in the UK:
  • Installing via img or Basecamp (what about JSV)

    If you are asking about using MapInstall (from the Basecamp menu) to install a map to your device, then yes, you will NOT get the JCV file or other special feature files that come with a map update. You should use Garmin Express to install the map to your device and computer. That way you will have the map in BaseCamp and all the feature files including JCV on your device.
  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    There is something about that eBay listing that doesn't "smell" quite right to me. Before buying, I would at least ask the seller to provide some additional pictures, and also the product number shown on the box. The product number for the North America DriveAssist 51 LMT-S is 010-01682-02.
  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    I believe that some UK models might still have the HD traffic receiver bundled, as the HD traffic service over there is quite popular and is apparently superior to the traffic service here in North America. Maybe some vendors bundled the HD receiver in special packaging, but like you I have not seen any 51/61 models being sold that way.

    I don't have a Drive 51/61 to test camera alerts on, but AFAIK they still work. Maybe sussamb can expand on his comment.