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  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    It looks like Garmin has introduced the 2017 models:

    I have not figured out what all the changes are, but one thing I see on the DriveLuxe and DriveAssist and DriveSmart is this: "Built-in Wi-Fi® for easy map and software updates". Also looks like they integrate with the Garmin Smart watches. And they have apparently dropped the LMT and LMTHD designations now showing as DriveLuxe 51-S.
  • Driveassist 50 LMT-D

    Don't know if this will help or not on the "Event saved" issue, but I suspect the message is related to the dash cam functions. I found this in the user manual, but I am not familiar with this model, so I don't know what you can or can't turn off:
    Enabling or Disabling Advanced Driving Assistance Features

    You can enable or disable advanced driving assistance features in the camera settings (Camera Settings).

    Select Settings > Camera.
    Select or clear the check box next to each warning or alert.
    I would probably try turning some alerts off one at a time to figure out which one is causing the frequent Event Saved alerts.
  • 3597 Bad Jam Avoidance

    I haven't seen much said about it lately, but a few years ago the forums contained some active discussions comparing TomTom's IQ Routes to what Garmin had to offer with their Traffic Services and the "Trends" (TrafficTrends and MyTrends). It seemed to me that there was a general consensus that the IQ Routes was superior to Garmin's methods.
  • HD Traffic for 3597LMTHD ..

    I think it is like all Garmin traffic services ... a mixed bag ranging from useless to helpful. I was quite impressed with the HD traffic on the 3597 when I was in Central FL. It seemed to be timely and accurate, although it always said "you are on the fastest route" when it reported an incident. So I never really tried to reroute. In other places, it has not been so impressive ... often indicating a traffic slowdown when everything is flowing normally. And where I live, there is no coverage, so I don't even use the traffic receiver (I use a less bulky power adapter and USB cable).
  • My Garmin Nuvi 255W lags...what should I do?

    I see some lag on my 855, especially at higher speeds. But my 755T is usually right on.