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  • Good GPS Deals Black Friday GPS Deals

    That does sound like an excellent bargain Boyd. I am always tempted by these things, but I don't really need another handheld device :|
  • Garmin RV 770 LMT-S Upgraded for my RV

    Smartphone Link traffic takes a very small amount of data. Give it a try … I think you will be surprised how little it uses. I have a "pay as you go" Android phone and buy only a few GB per year, and most of that is used by other apps, not Smartphone Link.
  • Garmin CES 2020

    My newest device is a DriveLuxe 51. It is a fine unit, but overall I still prefer the 3597. I have the DriveLuxe in my car and the 3597 in my pickup. The truck is kind of noisy, so the speaker built into the mount of the 3497 gives more volume and clarity. The Smartphone Link app works good on both of them.
  • Risk of downloading updates and maps to 2597LMT

    Your point is well taken Boyd, but if you do regular map updates, Garmin Express will force the software update before it will update the map. Sure there are some hacks you can do to get around this, but in my opinion not worth the hassle on most newer devices.

    My advice FWIW … do a full backup of your device, make sure the battery is fully charged, check the free space in internal storage and make sure you have at least a few MB of free space, put in a properly formatted and sized SD card, then let Garmin Express do its thing. Your chances of having problems are very small, and most problems you may encounter will be recoverable.
  • TwoNav... Garmin alternative?

    LOL :))

    Will kick the idea around a little longer, the sale lasts until tomorrow afternoon. Why don't you buy one Alan? Seems to me you have some kind of orphaned handheld, don't you?
    Ha Ha! Yes, more than one counting the Lowrance Endura Sierra and Garmin Oregon 550 (not to mention the Bosch Nyon on my ebike). The Endura no longer has a working power button. You have to connect to USB power to turn it on, then make sure to turn off sleep and power saving features so it doesn't shut itself down while in use. But even with that, another device is the last thing I need.