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  • 2019.10 NTU EU

    Yeah, over time, Garmin has made this language more and more ambiguous. Maybe the next change will be ... "when and as such updates are made available, if ever". :-S
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    Really impressive Boyd! Nice work.
  • Garmin's new disclaimer

    I interpret the disclaimer language the same way Tim does. Unless Garmin decides to clarify or expand on this with a FAQ or something specific in their user agreement, we will probably never know their exact purpose.
  • City Navigator v2019.11

    My guess is that that Garmin created some support issues for themselves when they released the corrected 2019.10 without changing the version number (as they have done in the past with corrected map releases). So by pushing this out they will get more customers on the latest version.
  • Traffic Cable vs Smartphone Link

    My Smartphone Link service works great. Map updates have been recalled before because of errors so I don't think that is a big deal. But I think you are right about the PND future. If Garmin wants to stay in the automotive navigation business, they need to embrace smartphone technology much more than they are doing now ... like compatible apps for Android Auto and Apple Carplay.