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  • Free (no subscription) POI for Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras link?

    I think the weekly posting tallies on POI Factory are Monday thru Sunday. So, if you post today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday), that will count for 2 of your 3 weeks, so you could get the files for free as soon as Monday Nov 19.
  • Free (no subscription) POI for Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras link?

    Only takes 3 weeks for free access ... pay and get immediately. Perhaps someone is willing to violate the use agreement ... not me tho. Sorry.
  • Instinct

    It is good to see Garmin introduce a new product. That said, the Garmin wearable devices do not interest me at all.
  • Garmin market evolution.

    Garmin devices seem to work forever. I have 6 Garmins ... oldest from 2009 and they all still work like new. But without sales of new devices to generate revenue, Garmin will not be able to continue with the "lifetime" map updates, and at some point will also discontinue the Smartphone Link service for traffic. And that will be the end of it. Sure, you can install OpenStreetMaps to get updated maps, but you lose a lot of functionality and features when you do that.

    Garmin still has the best user interface for road navigation IMO, but they sure missed the boat by not coming up with a sustainable marketing model for smartphone apps.
  • nuvi 765t power question

    Yes, the 7x5 series has this screen brightness problem when not in the powered cradle. My 755T brightness is marginal at best, and pretty much useless in bright conditions when not in the cradle.