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  • Garmin vs Tomtom

    Well, I certainly fit into Boyd's identified demographic group! :) And i agree with his assessment. Garmin is not going away, but their automotive devices might be.
  • Annoying pop-up window with DriveSmart 61

    And then there’s the Basecamp/Mapinstall bug (or is it a feature?) that prevents you from installing third party maps on your gps ever since the last update. That is driving everyone crazy over at gpsfiledepot.
    Sigh! It appears Garmin has mostly abandoned the handheld market too. Too bad as I still value these devices, but it is obvious that sales volume is no longer there because of smart phone apps. I can accept that, but I just wish Garmin would bring the user interface on their devices to a good app. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price or even an annual subscription fee for a good app that included the functions and features of their dedicated devices.

  • Annoying pop-up window with DriveSmart 61

    I think Garmin has pretty much abandoned the road navigation business, both dedicated devices and apps. They discontinued Viago, Street Pilot and Navigon apps. They have not introduced a new Drive model in over 18 months, and their premier model, the DriveLuxe 51LMTHD is now listed as a "previous model" with no available inventory virtually anywhere and no replacement model in sight.

    What worries me is if they are no longer selling new apps or dedicated road navigation devices to generate revenue, how much longer will they continue to provide map updates? Providing lifetime map updates to old devices is a financial liability, so if there are no sales of new devices or apps, why would they continue to do it?
  • Annoying pop-up window with DriveSmart 61

    ...I changed mine to "Hey Garmin!" it doen't trigger very often.
    HaHa! My wakeup phrase is "Hey nimraG!" on my nuvi that uses the female Samantha voice, and "Hey ivuN! on my nuvi that uses the male Jack voice. I guess I am just a backwards kind of guy :-)
  • Garmin for Skoda Citigo

    Since the software and user interface is completely different than what we are used to on Garmin nuvi/Drive devices, I wonder if this device is based on Navigon which Garmin bought out a few year ago. The other thing that makes me think this is that under accessories it lists a mount and refers to it as Navigon.