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  • TwoNav... Garmin alternative?

    LOL :))

    Will kick the idea around a little longer, the sale lasts until tomorrow afternoon. Why don't you buy one Alan? Seems to me you have some kind of orphaned handheld, don't you?
    Ha Ha! Yes, more than one counting the Lowrance Endura Sierra and Garmin Oregon 550 (not to mention the Bosch Nyon on my ebike). The Endura no longer has a working power button. You have to connect to USB power to turn it on, then make sure to turn off sleep and power saving features so it doesn't shut itself down while in use. But even with that, another device is the last thing I need.
  • TwoNav... Garmin alternative?

    Just go for it Boyd! You know you are itching for a new device to play with ;)
  • Accuracy to 1 meter??

    Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. You are right, I know nothing about your business, so I should have just not posted rather than making a useless suggestion. I hope you can find something that works.
  • EU City Navigator Map Overdue

    It could show up any time. The CN EU 2019.10 NTU map was released June 6, 2018, so Garmin was just as "late" last year.
  • Memory usage

    To get the .system folder and files to show you need to change your device from MTP mode to mass storage mode.

    See Boyd's comments in this post: