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    September 2020
  • Hi

    Have you visited this thread since my post yesterday?
    February 2019
  • Will keep prodding the Montana for you
    June 2017
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    March 2017
  • Ah, OK, got it:

    thanks, very much appreciate it
    November 2016
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    September 2015
  • I need to update my Nuvi 2455 with Cyprus mapping.Is it available by Garmin?
    August 2015
    • sussamb
      just seen this, post on the forum please
  • Thank you Susan. I saw somewhere a wait time of eight (yes 8) hours. Full 2015.20 north america plus 5 software updates waiting to be installed. Patience is knocking on my door. Cheers.
    October 2014
  • Hello, Susan. I am brand new here and to the 2598 lMTHD. I note at the bottom of this page someone thanked you for information on the note updater; apparently an issue with Garmin Express and the Mac. I find myself in the same situation, I think. The updater has been running for hours now and nothing appears to be happening. The message is "installing 6 items ... 21 minutes remaining." Is there another way for me to get the newer maps? Thank you.
    October 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
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    July 2014
  • sussamb
    Thanks for your suggestion to use Map Updater and the link. Maybe it's a Mac thing, but Express went nowhere....
    January 2014